Designer, animator and director living in Helsinki.
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Two Kindle Paperwhite TVCs I directed for Amazon China.

Making of HERE.

Lucas Zanotto
Client: Amazon China
Agency: DDB China
Music & Sound Design: David Kamp

Full credtis HERE.

Kids! Mix animals, mix syllables.
Parents! Over 1000 unique combinations filled with handcrafted animations and sounds.

Details on YATATOY
App on iTunes

Lucas Zanotto
Music & Sound Design: Ulrich Troyer

A spot for Google's uProxy extension.

Director/Design/Animation: Lucas Zanotto
Music & Sound Design: David Kamp
Producer: Passion Pictures


Making of pics

A spot for Geile Weine.

Director/Design/Animation/Music: Lucas Zanotto
Sound Design & Mix: Ulrich Troyer
Client: Geile Weine

Some making of pics here

I was commissioned by M&C Saatchi through the Saatchi Gallery London to create an art film for the exhibition called "The House of Peroni".

The gallery house will show contemporary artists from italy.
I was asked to represent film.

Director/Design/Animation: Lucas Zanotto
Music & Sound Design: David Kamp
Producer: Troublemakers

Presented by The House of Peroni
Commisioned by M&C Saatchi through the Saatchi Gallery London

Making of

This is the director's cut of the The Real Bears, a film I directed and animated for a campaign to reduce the consumption of soda and other sugary drinks.
More info here: The Real Bears - with a score by Jason Mraz

Director/Design/Animation: Lucas Zanotto
Executive Creative Director: Alex Bogusky
Agency: Common
(Boulder, CO) and The Butler Bros(Austin, TX)
Client: CSPI - Center for Science in the Public Interest
Executive Producers: Marty & Adam Butler
Music & Sound Design: Nikolai von Sallwitz
Full credits on Vimeo

Interview on

DRAWNIMAL is an app I did for the little ones.
It motivates the kids to draw animals, learn the alphabet and think outside the box.

Director/Design/Animation: Lucas Zanotto
Music & Sound Design:
Ulrich Troyer
App Programming: Niels Hoffmann

Visit or get the app here.

A video for the HaperCollins Publishers UK.

Director/Design/Animation: Lucas Zanotto
Music & Sound Design:
Kassian Troyer
Client: HarperCollins Publishers
CDs: Ben North, Andrew Cunning
Copywriter: Ben North

A spot for the Think Big campaign by o2 Telefonica.

Director/Design: Lucas Zanotto
Assistant: Philipp Rudler
Production company: Sehsucht Berlin
Agency: VCCP Berlin
Client: o2 Telefonica

Sehsucht Team:
Producer: Christian Gemeiner , Julia Rudolf
CD: Mate Steinforth
Compositing: Philipp Rudler, Helge Kiehl, Lucas Zanotto
VCCP Team: Micha Opitz, Jessica Philipp, Philipp Löffel

Making of

A campaign for the travel company TUI

The people at Jung von Matt created a smartphone app, where you could save your weather status for an online competition. The campaign goes on for 4 weeks. The person with the worst average weather wins a trip to the Dominican Republic.
I made a spot for them to promote this campaign.

Music & Sound Design: David Kamp
Assistant: Robert Loebel
Client: TUI
Agency: Jung von Matt
Jung von Matt team: René Requardt, Andres Maldonado, Tommy Norin, Salvatore Russomano
Direction/Design/Animation: Lucas Zanotto

Tiny Making-of

A spot I did togther with Nicola Smanio for the platform playup.

All made by: Nicola Smanio & Lucas Zanotto
Memovy Song by Lucas (remixed by Nicola)
Client: playup
Head of marketing: Rohan Kumar

Making of here

A short film, done with a marionette built out of paper.

Music & Sound Design: David Kamp
Thanks for story input: Arno Dejaco
Thanks for support:
dyrdee & Gios

Making of Pics
Screening at Pictoplasma Festival

Will be released on Characters in Motion Vol. 3 DVD

I was asked to make this series of idents for the Italian children TV-channel called Boing. It shows different scenarios, in which the boy reminds the parent to do the right thing, and not act like a monster.

Director/Design/Animation: Lucas Zanotto
Company: Turner Broadcasting System Italy
Sound Design:
Giorgano Galli - Galli Records

Turner Team:

CD: Marcio Cortez Melendez
AD: Filippo Giacomelli
Copywriter: Elio Polce

TVC for the Finnish Police.

Every year the Finnish government loses 7 Billion €
because of the grey economy.
With this money they could build more than 1000 daycare centers.

Director/Design/Animation: Lucas Zanotto
Agency: Markkinointitoimisto Kitchen
Account Handler: Heikki Kauppila
Project Management: Sini Räsänen
Art Director: Tuomas Hautamäki
Copywriter: Anne Kuusela
Jose Puigserver

Animation based on a sound of David Kamp as part of his "Sound Creatures" project".

Director/Design/Animation: Lucas Zanotto
Sound Design: David Kamp

A trailer I did for the European Handball Champions League.

Sound Design & Mix: David Kamp
Director/Design/Animation/Music: Lucas Zanotto

Some making-of pics

I worked on the stopmotion part of this spot at Sehsucht Berlin.

Production: Sehsucht Berlin
Director: Mate Steinforth
Design: Helge Kiehl, Christian Zschunke, Mate Steinforth
Compositing: Helge Kiehl
3D: Hannes Weikert, Philipp Brömme, Alex Glawion
Stop Motion: Lucas Zanotto, Christian Zschunke, Helge Kiehl
Producer: Nadine Sklodowski, Julia Rudloff (PA)
Music & Sound Design: David Kamp
Client: Google Germany GmbH

This series of idents was a collaboration with the Berlin based studio dyrdee Media.
It is a combination of stopmotion footage and aftereffects animated characters.

Client: MTV Networks Germany
characters by Ljubisa Djukic (dyrdee)
produced and directed by
dyrdee Media


Golden Design Lion in Cannes
Gold at BDA Promax International in NY
Comandation at ADC Germany
Best TV-spot at ITFS
Best Leader at HAFF

BEST Promotional Animation at Ottawa Animation Festival

D_minum (Dan Santucci) asked me to choose a track from his album-release "Names Forgotten: Places Remembered" on the Pehr-Label and make a videoclip for this.
The track "Monoptik" inspired me to tell a stopmotion-lovestory between a lime and a lemon.

Music: d_minum

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